Electrician in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

How do I reset a breaker?

This is actually one of the most common problems. In order to reset a breaker on your electrical panel, you must push the breaker firmly to the “off” position and then push it back to the “on” position. Most people fail to push the breaker firmly past the off position and assume it is reset. If the problem has still not corrected itself, please contact us at 919-215-6522.

What if I hear sounds coming from my panel or other electrical equipment? What if I hear crackling sounds?

Sounds coming from your electrical panel should be taken seriously. A crackling sound could indicate arcing between the breakers and the panel connection points. This is a serious condition that should be checked out right away. A loose breaker at the panel buss would cause this.

What if I smell a burning smell at my panel or electrical equipment?

This is also a serious problem. Most electrical burning smells will smell like a burning plastic or tar smell. You should turn off the power going to what you think the smell is coming from and call us immediately at 919-215-6522.

Why do the bulbs in my exterior fixture burn out so often?

This is usually caused by several factors – 1. Use of non-brand named bulbs .2. Larger wattage bulbs, which cause excessive heat build-up shorting the life of the bulb. 3. Power Surges.

How do I reset a GFI receptacle?

Push the test button (sometimes a black button, but always marked “test”). Then push the reset button (sometimes a red button, but always marked “reset”). If this does not restore the power, call us at 919-215-6522.

My smoke detector keeps chirping. What does this mean?

1.  A consistent chirp is probably an indication of a low battery condition and the smoke detector would require a new battery.
2.  An intermittent chirp is probably an indication of a defective smoke detector.
3.  Smoke detectors more than 10 years old should be checked out and replaced.

If I have problems with TV or telephone wiring within the house, whom should I call?

With deregulation of the utility companies in most areas of the country, the cable or telephone companies are no longer responsible for the equipment or wiring in your home. This responsibility has fallen to you and your electrical contractor. Most TV and telephone utilities will still service within your home for a substantial fee. Call Briggs Electric Co. to fix any issues you might have with your inside telephone wiring.

What should I do if my lights, switches and receptacles do not work?

Check to see if the outlet is on a switch. Check and reset GFCI outlets and circuit breakers. Check light bulbs and replace these if necessary. If none of these are the problem, call us as soon as possible.

Why do I blow fuses or why does my circuit breaker trip?

Except in the case of ground fault interrupters, which are susceptible to moisture and/or weather conditions, fuses or circuit breakers, should not trip unless they are overloaded. Overloaded means too many lights and other items are plugged into outlets. This causes too many amps to travel through the circuit breaker or fuse which will cause it to trip or stop the flow of electricity.

What is a GFCI device or breaker?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This device protects you from electrical shock. When it senses the slightest increase in resistance resulting from ground fault, (i.e., the use of electrical devices in or near water), it turns off to protect you.

What are the red and black buttons on my GFCI outlet?

The black button is a test button and when pressed, should deactivate the outlet and any other outlet fed from it – Indicating a properly functioning device. The red button is the re-set button that you depress to reactivate the outlet or outlets in the event of deactivation resulting from a fault.

Why are some of my outlets in the bathroom not working?

The major cause for non-working outlets is the GFCI outlet on the circuit has been tripped. In able to correct the problem, you must first locate the GFCI outlet that controls the circuit and press the “Reset” button. Also, keep in mind that the GFCI outlet that is tied into your bathroom outlets may also be located in your garage. If every bathroom has a GFCI outlet problem, you must reset all of them. In addition, make sure that you check the breaker in the service panel to ensure it is not tripped. If the problem has still not corrected itself, please contact us and will be happy to assist you.